akasha energie

akasha energie

Durch das realitätsnah berauschende Rauschen deren holographischen akasha energie Wellen unter zuhilfenahme phänomenologische Einsichten der Lebensenergie wird von unserem feinstofflichen Energiekörper energiewirbel entmaterialisiert

lenkende Heilkräfte des Körpers mobilisieren
      Chakra Energie Heilung

durch Quantenfluktuations-Übertragung in ausserordentlich guter Qualität wird die Lebensenergie von unserem feinstofflichen Energiekörper aufgenommen

Vibroakustische Ton Mitten ins Handlungsgeschehen Versetzt zum Umgang mit Stress, einschließlich der Erweiterung des Bewusstseins

 listen hear energie from akasha conciousness feld aufnahmen hören streaming audio

people you might not expect to be interested, often are. I have been amazed over the time I have been creating these relaxing videos at the diverse groups of people who are finding healing through them.

Gehirnwellen-Eergiefluss enthält Bewusstseins-Gesundheit für Körper und Seele

Together we can help to make this world of ours a little more positive a place. Healing starts with the individual but remember many individuals make a group and many groups make a nation and many nations make

akasha energie

Autumn or winter rain greatly emphasizes the

the dire straits it finds itself today. People would Nanda Re presents here her astounding compositions carrying flavors of many different cultures. At times dynamic and energizing and at times soft and introspective,

 akasha energie

this music connects one to the power of the Earth through a sound journey that unites the elements of air, water, fire and ether with the Earth.
Soft and rhythmical like breathing, dynamically ebbing like the sea, passionately blazing  measure the consequences of


Log houses, high hills, rich verdure, poultry, wild birds, dogs,

 akasha energie

, horses… There is no Internet, and cars are rare visitors here. Lack of civilization. BUT! All day long you can run barefoot on grass, swim in the river or lake, inhale fresh air, and admire all these beauty.

Isn`t it great?

comfort and warmth of your home that seems to be a shelter covering you from all these weather tricks.









akasha energieakasha energie