best audiophile recordings

best audiophile recordings

worlnews holographic quantuum acoustics best audiophile recordings  To Die For

what could sound better than most beautiful natural atmospheres, recorded in the most advanced technology out there where you can hear the grass grow and the astral-mental quantum magic Geflüste from the local consciousness. rmehrdimensional opto-acoustic spacetime best audiophile recordings  sound images, more eloquent than a movie. Recorded in the technically correct volume for the discerning target my recordings is that you may not notice that they were there.

The loudspeaker reproduction is one of the problems of the largest art head shots. When playing the signals should pay attention When did two signals, also the right and the left, completely separate arriving at the two ears. That is to say more precisely, the left ear may only receive signals of Linkens stereo channel and the right only signals of the right channel. When headphone reproduction is of course the case, but at a best audiophile recordings not normal stereo speaker placement. Furthermore, just adds are added to the already recorded did the respective reverberation times of the listening room. Against However, one can not do much.

Loudspeaker reproduction Kopie.jpg
For the problem of channel separation Is there a solution proposal of the Heinrich Hertz Institute in Berlin and the Institute of Technical Acoustics of TU Berlin. Here, as shown in the sketch to realize four speakers have been placed. The respective opposite speakers “working together”. In other words, best audiophile recordings best audiophile recordings die rear speakers are each phase-shifted, with a filter processed (Treble reduction) and each such term delayed That extinction is caused. It is necessary in dieser speaker placement to ensure the correct listening position.

The second solution proposal dates from 3rd best audiophile recordings  Physics Institute in Göttingen. Here best audiophile recordings each ear is sounded by a speaker. One uses here but no more die Usual stereo speaker placement, But die speakers, alongside the positioned handset. It comes to the level and delay differences on the best audiophile recordings ears, and also the frequency response is altered. All frequencies, to die in the field of head size and small chairs, reflects on best audiophile recordings  becoming head rather than bent. The signals are still dying at the ear arrive other, are determined by the resulting delay differences of phase and thereby possibly extinct. Verfahren This also requires a firm adherence to the listening position and is moreover sensitive to head movements. A listener can not comply with the optimal listening position and outside Sits, he gets one of the stereo line-up Similar sound transmission to be reckoned with, however mess colorations still.


best audiophile recordings

audio library entspannungsmusik cd geräuscharchiv
mysteriöse aufnahmen scream sound effects Ich habe momentan die grosse Ehre an mysteriöse aufnahmen einer Uni im UK als Visiting Researcher zum Thema Soundscapes zu forschen. audio library
Fuer eine Study brauche ich jetzt einige Naturgeraeusche in guter Tonqualitaet. Standardsachen wie Bachrauschen, Meeresrauschen, Wind, Moeven am Strand, Sommerwiese usw.
Hatt einer von Euch sowas auf Lager oder weiss jemand wo man das free downloaden kann? Wie gesagt ist die Tonqualitaet wichtig, also mindestens 128kbps.
Die Sachen werden nur einmal Interviewees vorgespielt und nicht vervielfaeltigt.
Ich habe selber gesucht, jedoch nur Schrott in schlechter Qualitaet gefunden.

best audiophile recordings

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