cd meditation

music mystic

music mystic

has the capability to affect the matter around it extrasensory music mystic phenomenological detail of the hearing impression

hard to experience in urban surroundings, Brainwave   immersion in phenomenological insights of wisdom. 

what could sound better than most beautiful natural atmospheres. sound, or vibration, has a strong impact upon substance


has Details of the sympathetic pathway with phenomenological depth,with sympathetic resonance of brain-wave. unworldly dematerialization artificial natural intelligence virtually Reale quantum signals

music mystic

music mystic

water with frequency and geometric patterns audio spectrum


for a high-fidelity audio enthusiast

Downloads in audiophile sound QUALITY.

with the immense amount of detail without disturbing music


      anomaly earth
extremely fine detailed full recording available audio online streaming sound files wav


mp3 online  

to bring a little relaxation in the living room
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Wasser Steinhall