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scream sound effects
Noise: fundamentals, signal sounds and orientation sounds. Basic tones are sounds that. Of the landscape, and will therefore be quickly listening habits Signal sounds are clearly outlined noise, can be transmitted by means of which messages (for example, hunting horn sounds, bells, sirens). Finally, orientation sounds are wildlife, the environment (traffic ..) scream sound effects and the weather determines characteristic noises, although not transmit any special message, but have properties that make them identifiable and remarkable for a man: for example, the swelling sound of a truck or the strumming a piano.

Sound archive – A sound archive (English: Sound Library) is a collection of stored sounds and noises that can be used for further processing in films, radio plays, computer games and sound installations, and also in music … … German Wikipedia.
Atmo – (Greek ἀτμός, Atmos „haze“) is a term from the fields of film, radio and television. In the sound design for film, radio and television are called diffuse background noise Atmo, as a short form of atmosphere. The terms Ambi … … German Wikipedia
Noise – (noise) is a collective term for all auditory sensations that can not be described solely as a tone or a sound. Cause of a noise vibration are

scream sound effects

operations that usually do not periodically atmo – (Greek ἀτμός, Atmos „haze“) is a term from running and in … … German Wikipedia
Soundscape – a sound effect (English sound effect) short SFX (ambiguous with SFX Special Effect) is a natural or artificial uncreated or technically modified acoustic signal to suggest to the audience an altered reality. Here … … German Wikipedia

electronic (or digital) production (sound design)
Recordings of real instruments (acoustic or electronic)
Recordings of vocals.
As a rule, several sounds for an instrument recorded („multi-sample“). The higher the quality (and thus the price) of a sound library the more samples are taken per instrument. The spectrum ranges from one sample per instrument (rare), through a sample per octave

scream sound effects

up to one sample per semitone and several samples per halftone in different volumes. The more complex an instrument

audio library entspannungsmusik cd geräuscharchiv mysic sound library - real
scream sound effects Ich habe momentan die grosse Ehre an einer Uni im UK als Visiting Researcher zum Thema Soundscapes zu forschen. audio library
Fuer eine Study brauche ich jetzt einige Naturgeraeusche in guter Tonqualitaet. Standardsachen wie Bachrauschen, Meeresrauschen, Wind, Moeven am Strand, Sommerwiese usw. 
Hatt einer von Euch sowas auf Lager oder weiss jemand wo man das free downloaden kann? Wie gesagt ist die Tonqualitaet wichtig, also mindestens 128kbps.
Die Sachen werden nur einmal Interviewees vorgespielt und nicht vervielfaeltigt.
Ich habe selber gesucht, jedoch nur Schrott in schlechter Qualitaet gefunden.


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