Flexible Thin Film Solar Panel Module DIY 1W 6V panel rechargeable battery for moble solar power system battery home lighting

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Professional custom Flexible Thin Film Solar Panel Module DIY 1W 6V panel rechargeable battery for moble solar power system battery home lighting home lighting


This flexible easy-to-use solar panel is a great addition to your next solar powered project. This solar cell provides approximately 6V DC in direct sunlight at up to 1W (approximately 160 mA). Multiple units can be chained serial and/or parallel to increase voltage and current.

The film cells are bonded between two plastic sheets that will protect it outdoors and there are easy-to-solder connections on the back. You can use epoxy to waterproof the back contacts.

Team this up with a lithium polymer battery and our optimized Solar Lithium Ion/Polymer charger! and you've got a flexible solar-rechargeable portable power supply!



  • Power Output: ~6V @ 1W (~160 mA)
  • Output Type: DC Voltage
  • Dimensions: 100mm / 3.94″ x 198.43mm / 7.81″ x 0.77mm / 0.03″
  • Operating temp range: +32 to +158°F (0 to +70°C)
  • Weight: 27.93g

Model Parameters Size Link

0.5W 1.5V

190x50mm Click here

0.5W 1.5V

155X50mm Click here
1.2W 4.5V 190X100mm Click here


200x70mm Click here
1W 6V 200X80mm Click here

Model Parameters Size Link
1W 2V 100x200mm Click here
1W 3V 190X90mm Click here
1W 3V 200X60mm Click here
1W 2V 100x200mm Click here
1.5W 1.5V 250X150mm Click here

Solar Energy

Solar (English: Solar Energy) generally refers to the radiant energy of sunlight, generally used in modern power generation.

Area of sunlight scattered in most corners of the earth, just under different angles of incidence of light caused by different, but at least will not be monopolized by a few countries or regions, resulting in unnecessary energy crisis.

The sun's energy is extremely large, the scientists calculated that at least six million years of the period, for humans, such time can be described as infinite.

Today the most used fossil energy, its breeding nothing but waste disposal problem, the object is immortal, the more energy depletion, pollution is also a relative increase in solar no danger and pollution. Under the principle of peaceful coexistence between man and nature, the use of solar energy the most amicable, and if the equipment used properly, the device to cost very little, but every year at least ten students of seventh party kilowatts of electricity.

Harmful gases and waste coal, oil and other fossil fuels, and the use of solar energy will not bring pollution, does not emit any material adverse impact on the environment, is a clean source of energy. Of course, after the large-scale use of solar energy, due to the full utilization of solar energy, the environment temperature results will slightly elevated, but this temperature, without causing adverse effects on the environment.

It is estimated that 1.1 billion in the past long years, the sun only consumes 2% of its own energy, the next few billion years the sun will not change dramatically, so the sun can be used as a permanent human energy, taken from endless, inexhaustible. It is 15 minutes of exposure to ground energy, enough to use around the world for one year.

There is the danger of nuclear power nuclear leak, once the nuclear leak will cause great ecological crisis, and solar is absolutely not the case, it is very reliable.

First, solar energy is a clean energy, the environment does not produce any harm, for now, the global environment, the use of solar energy is an inevitable trend.
Second, the solar universality, sunrise and sunset natural loop, we can use solar energy during the day, but now there is to be a breakthrough solar energy technology, such as solar water heaters, rainy weather would not be a good production of hot water.
Third, low-cost solar energy, solar energy is not to spend money as.
Four great sex solar energy annually to reach the solar radiation on the earth's surface to about the equivalent of 130 trillion tons of standard coal, which belongs to the largest amount of energy in the world today that can be developed.
Five, solar energy has been there long, according to nuclear energy generated by the sun to estimate the current rate, storage of hydrogen sufficient to maintain billions of years, we can say the sun's energy is inexhaustible.
Solar power conversion of sunlight into electrical energy can be used directly photovoltaic (PV), or indirectly using concentrated solar thermal power (CSP). Concentrating solar thermal power generation system using a lens or a mirror, and a large area tracking system to focus the light into a small bundle. Solar light is converted into a current by the photoelectric effect.

The first commercial concentrated solar power plant development occurred in the 1980s. Located in California's Mojave Desert solar power plant installed in the world's largest concentrating solar thermal power, 354 megawatts of solar power generation system.
In the light of adequate areas (eg: Space Chaoyang District, ocean, coastal, open rock ground ), supply a steady stream of solar energy, the production process does not produce environmental pollution, it will not consume the Earth's resources or other cause global warming. Solar energy from the sun, the source of endless supply, solar energy as well as hydro or wind, everywhere are actively developing solar energy.

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